Angel Conservation Cultural Tours

Visit the indigenous peoples in Venezuela in their natural habitat and make a difference.

Angel Conservation has partnered with ecotourism specialist Angel-Eco Tours in Venezuela to operate our tours. Apart from being the founding Corporate sponsor of Angel Conservation, a percentage of Angel-Eco’s revenues have consistently been allocated to their Project Pemón - now they will direct their help towards our Project Kamarakoto and do even more good for the communities that their tours visit.

Please check out the map below of Venezuela – this will give an orientation as to where Angel-Eco will partner Angel Conservation and operate their cultural tours.

Remember if you book with Angel Conservation a portion of your tour may be tax deductible.

Want to be emailed tour dates or tour information / packages, please send your contact information to - we will be happy to call you and discuss the possibilities, including volunteer activities that may be available.

For more information call: Antonio Volpe Pasini – (347) 678-7701 or Paul Stanley – (212) 656-1240.

Or email us at: for additional information.

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