Clemente is an active member of the Pemón community in Kamarata Valley, Canaima. He is married, has four children, and lives with his family in Kamarata close to the Pemón Lodges of Kavak and Uruyén. He was born in Guayana and came to Canaima early in his childhood.

He has worked in tourism for many years and believes that is the future for him and his family. Without tourism he says, “Men in the community often resort to working the mines and even panning illegally for gold in the local rivers, to earn a small amount of money to clothe and feed their families.” When he is not working with tourists he hunts to feed his family but has to travel longer distances each time he leaves to locate game. He would like for his son to grow up as a tour guide or own his very own tour operation and for his daughters to grow up and study to be nurses or teachers.

He tells us that he prefers to speak English than Spanish but is naturally proficient in both and of course his native tongue - Pemón.

Clemente loves to entertain tourists with his mythical stories of Canaima as well as share his beautiful surroundings with visitors. One visitor left him a guitar, one some Beatles music scores and almost overnight he has learned how to play for his visitors. He is very interested in the local flora and fauna and hopes that he can help visitors to identify many of the local species that exist in his surrounds.

He is a freelance guide, working often with Angel-Eco and Osprey Venezuela as their lead guide in Uruyén / Kavak. Clemente hopes that he can educate the local youngsters in ecotourism and its benefits as well as help outsiders understand the fragility of their culture. Through Project Kamarakoto we are working with Clemente to empower the local community – education and medical supplies top the list.

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