Karen Angel (left with her two Pemón cousins) is a resident of Arcata, California and is the Founder and President of the Board of Directors of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project. Jimmie Angel (1899-1956) was an American aviator-explorer after whom Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall, was named. The JAHP is a State of California not-for-profit, public benefit corporation with Venezuelan and U.S.A. Board Members. Karen, through Angel Conservation and JAHP wants to educate the world about her uncle, his adventures, and discoveries with an emphasis on his period of exploration of Venezuela. Her mission is being achieved through photo exhibits; the restoration and preservation of his airplane El Rio Caroni (which is a Venezuelan National Monument) and also by publishing information about his era of aviation and exploration; and providing a photo and informational archive for public access especially for journalists and filmmakers.

Karen completed her graduate studies at the University of California with a major in Political Science and Environmental Public Policy she received her undergraduate degree from Chico State University in California in Political Science: Political Philosophy & Constitutional Law.

Currently Karen is the Executive Director for Garden Development for the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation (HBGF) responsible for the development and coordination of funding for the 44.5 acre Humboldt Botanical Garden amongst other responsibilities.

Karen’s cultural interests include architecture, fine arts, museum studies, history, exploration, constitutional law, political philosophy, gardening, and horticulture. She also lived for a number of years in Papua New Guinea (resident of PNG 1995-1997) and has traveled extensively to many countries worldwide, including, of course, Venezuela.

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